"Everyone knows the road to hell is paved with good intentions"

My garden feels like home to all of the spiders, moths and woodlice, in London, and it just makes cigarettes at night almost unbearable. 

Very much enjoying the fact that I can climb onto the flat bit of roof from my new window, and all of a sudden I have my own little roof terrace. 

Driving back to London in a few hours, to move into my new house. Almost a grown up.

Joseph Kosuth
Box, Cube, Empty, Clear, Glass – a Description, 1965


I had my boyfriend who smokes use matches for a few days instead of a lighter and record the date and time and whatever he was thinking about while smoking. 
It’s funny that he quit smoking a few weeks after this project. 

“Books are finite, sexual encounters are finite, but the desire to read and to fuck is infinite; it surpasses our own deaths, our fears, our hopes for peace.”

Roberto Bolaño (via feellng)

(Source: feellng, via etoilefill3)